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Whether you’re a boutique owner, restauranteur, service provider or just have an entrepreneurial spirit, Downtown Garland welcomes you with open arms. Grow with a community that cares about your success. Take advantage of the resources listed below and thrive along side us as we celebrate the endless possibilities found only in Downtown Garland.

Financing Formula: Writing a Winning Business Plan for Loans

Downtown Revitalization Program


The City of Garland promotes the unique character of the district through redevelopment and revitalization of Downtown, historic preservation, and community involvement. The Downtown Historic District Revitalization Program (DHDRP) serves to promote investment and local economic development, stimulate business and commercial activity, help attract visitors and tourists to the district and Garland as a whole, and benefit the City and its citizens. 

To learn more about DHDRP and how it can support your business, reach out to the DDO to schedule a meeting. 

Ready to apply to the program?

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